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Workflow Patterns Website (

The Workflow Patterns initiative in started in 1999. The aim of this initiative is to provide a conceptual basis for process technology. In particular, the research provides a thorough examination of the various perspectives (control flow, data, resource, and exception handling) that need to be supported by a workflow language or a business process modeling language. The results can be used for examining the suitability of a particular process language or workflow system for a particular project, assessing relative strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to process specification, implementing certain business requirements in a particular process-aware information system, and as a basis for language and tool development. (more…)

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Process mining techniques allow for extracting information from event logs, e.g. as generared by operational workflow management systems. It is a field that receives wide attention from the academic BPM community and is increasingly being applied in organizational settings. The Process Mining Wiki at presents the research done in the context of the ProM framework. The associated software can be downloaded from

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